The venue has been host to many Performers, Fine Artists, DJs, Musicians, Fashion Designers and causes. The spaces breathe creativity that imbues the dynamic and diverse history. The venue has hosted Art Exhibitions, Theatre Productions, Music Conferences, Live Band Concerts, Day Festivals, Mega-Dance Parties, Corporate Launches, Christmas parties and just about any type of event imaginable. Browse the image gallery to understand our rich and diverse past. You can also take your time and read the engraved named on our Batisse inspired ‘Carfax Stone River’ in the main venue. If you can think of any great creative ‘player’ in the industry in the past 20 years, chances are they have graced our stages.

Sasha Fabris (BA Fine Arts )

Sasha is the founding member of Carfax as we know it today. Rolf Haungs was the original brain child of the project.

Sasha is visually trained and has a degree in Fine Arts from Wits. She taught Art for several years as a means to fund the dream of forming a little Bauhaus in JHB, CARFAX. The combination of passion for Arts and the need to sustain the dream, Carfax needed to increase numbers and bar sales in order to fuel the never ending investment demands in establishing the dream.

The formula of ‘off the Wall’, crazy acts, advertised to a larger, growing market of individuals who sought out the abnormal in order to belong to the collective strength of like minded pioneers, was the backbone and market niche CARFAX carved out since 1995. Over the years, Artists from different genres got passionately involved with something so creative, real and explosive as the CARFAX platform. All participation has been welcomed, encouraged and appreciated as precious jewels in a well worked crown of achievement in the Arts.

Sasha purchased the building Carfax had rented for years when Premier Milling decided to relocate to Sunninghill. At this point, there was no such thing as a bank loan for purchases in Newtown, as it was considered a ‘red zone’. A whole lot of beer got sold to raise the capital! Sasha is a passionate and inspired Artist coupled with an unusual business sense. Using this sense, Sasha worked hard for years to promote Arts and Culture at Carfax and by extension in Newtown.

Malcolm Hozack

 Malcolm joined the Carfax team in 2003. Malcolm’s credentials as a nightclub and entertainment stalwart are impeccable. After being involved in nightclubs from the age of 17, Malcolm brings nearly 20 years of music entertainment experience to the mix. After working on nearly every big event through the 90’s, Malcolm defined the South African House scene with his Rosebank nightclub the Foundation, which run for many years as the dance centre of Johannesburg. Sasha approached Malcolm in 2001 regarding potential partnership. Early 2003, Malcolm finally realised an opportunity and together the two made one of the most formidable teams in entertainment and venue management. Together they went on to build the Carfax brand into what it is today.

Sasha and Malcolm went on to establish Tokyo Star, The Bank, ran the Alex Theatre for a year, The Oxford and The Sands. Malcolm established ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ recently with the Tokyo Star Managers Jono and Dom recently.

Core Staff

Over the years Carfax Inc has accumulated a staff contingent of premiere quality and integrity. From polite and efficient security and catering staff to a core group of excellent managers and support staff. Carfax Inc wishes to thank these employees for their commitment and support as well as excellence and integrity.

Bernard (Caretaker)

Lucy  (Head of Housekeeping)

Sam (Head of Parking Security)

Petros (Head of Building)

George (Steel working maestro/ Building)


Barstaff have been amazing throughout the years, forming new groups as the years roll by.

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